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SoVita (So-V-tah):
SoVita (So-V-tah): Derived from the Greek word Sophos meaning Wisdom, and the Latin word Vita meaning Life. At SoVita Chiropractic Centers, we believe chiropractic care combined with imparting wisdom to our patients will enable them to live and express life at their full potential.

SoVita Chiropractic Center of Pelham

10 Bridge Street | Pelham, NH 03076 | (603) 508-6354

James Meniates, D.C.

Dr. James Meniates was raised in Danvers, MA. In 2013, he graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida. Dr. James enthusiastically educates one patient at a time towards living a well-adjusted and drug-free lifestyle. He is a focused and driven Chiropractor dedicated to the art of adjusting.

Dr. James currently lives in Pelham, NH about 11 minutes from his practice. Having experienced 10 years of Florida’s unremarkable two seasons (not wicked hot, and wicked hot), Dr. James returned to the Northeast in full embrace of the wonderful and varied climate that he grew up in. Winters will find him snowboarding as he has since 1993. Spring, Summer, and Fall will find him enjoying a fire pit in the backyard, camping, and riding his motorcycle. He is an avid Disk-Golfer, and does Crossfit three times a week to keep the edges sharp.

Dr. James is joined on his life journey by his wife Louise, who moved all the way from England just to be with him! Their rescue mutt, Eveie is the scruffiest and sweetest dog in the history of the Earth.