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 Hartford, CT 06103
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3034 Summer Street
Stamford, CT 6905 
255 Robbins Street                                                   
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705 Boston Post Rd.
Guilford, CT 06437
You are visiting the web site of  Connecticut’s leading chiropractic center with a team of world class chiropractors, supported by extraordinary staff members.

Capitol Chiropractic Center founded in 1986, has a long and illustrious history. An increased demand for chiropractic services resulted in establishing Connecticut’s pioneer chiropractic center, and from those early beginnings has grown to be the leading chiropractic center with finest offices in Hartford, Waterbury, Stamford and Guilford.

Capitol Chiropractic Center is committed to delivering the highest level of chiropractic and health care services with the purpose of inspiring and educating everyone that is looking to get the most out of their life. Our reputation for providing complex and innovative care to those in need is built on the foundation of excellence in patient care, education and implementation of healthy lifestyle.

Since 1986 over 15,000  patients suffering with numerous health problems such as lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, leg pain, hip pain, allergies, sinus problems, asthma, digestive problems, tight and sore muscles have sought care at Capitol Chiropractic Center. We help sick people get well, and healthy people maintain optimum health through natural chiropractic care. Patients are educated about health and equipped with tools that will last them a lifetime.

Our facility in Hartford is equipped with onsite digital radiography. The facilities in Stamford and Waterbury are equiped with onsite radiography. All locations utilize digital infrared thermography and specialized chiropractic tables to deliver safe, gentle, effective and modern chiropractic adjustments.

Hartford office is located in historic downtown area, easy access from I 91, I 84 and Rte. 2 convenient parking garage with ample spaces.

Waterbury office is located at Robinwood area, easy access from I 84 and Rte. 8.

Stamford office is located at the Bull's Head area, easy access from Merritt Parkway, and I 95.

Guilford office is located in Boston Post Road area, easy access from I 95.

Our Chiropractors are the finest in the state, they enjoy reputations as being among the most experienced practitioners in chiropractic.  Our paraprofessional team is also superbly trained and attentive.  Our entire team of professionals take great pride in the quality of the care we provide and in the integrity of our institution.


Karlos Boghosian, D.C.
Capitol Chiropractic Center


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Neck Pain, Arm Tingling and Frozen Shoulder Gone with Chiropractic
Neck Pain, Arm Tingling and Frozen Shoulder Gone with Chiropractic
A study published in the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research on October 8, 2015 documented the case of an elderly man suffering from neck pain, tingling in his arm, and a frozen shoulder being corrected under chiropractic care. . . .
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Trigeminal Neuralgia Helped with Chiropractic - Case Study
Trigeminal Neuralgia Helped with Chiropractic - Case Study
A study in the Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research published on February 23, 2015, documents the case of a boy suffering trigeminal and glossopharyngeal neuralgia being helped with chiropractic care. The Mayo Clinic website defines this condition by writting, "Trigeminal neuralgia is a chronic . . .
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US Spends More on Health Care But Has Lower Life Expectancy and Worse Health
US Spends More on Health Care But Has Lower Life Expectancy and Worse Health
The Commonwealth Fund issued a release on October 2015 with the title, "US Spends More on Health Care Than Other High-Income Nations But Has Lower Life Expectancy, Worse Health." The study looked at healthcare and outcomes of the top 13 income countries. The study showed that spending more . . .
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Developmental Advancements in a Child with Dyspraxia with Chiropractic
Developmental Advancements in a Child with Dyspraxia with Chiropractic
A case study published in the October 2015 issue of the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics documented the case of a boy suffering from developmental issues and dyspraxia being helped as a result of chiropractic care. The journal is published by the Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics of the International . . .
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Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00am-1:00pm 3:30pm-6:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday, Sunday: Closed


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:30am-1:00pm 3:30pm-7:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 3:00pm - 7:00pm

Saturday, Sunday: Closed


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7:00am-12:00pm 3:00pm-6:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday: 3:00pm-6:00pm

Saturday, Sunday: Closed


Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30am-12:00pm 2:00pm-6:00pm

Thursday: 3:00pm-6:00pm

Saturday, Sunday: Closed


Hartford: (860) 278-9141

Waterbury: (203) 573-8577

Stamford: (203) 883-8808

Guilford: (203) 533-4316

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